2018 Hot Springs JazzFest

August 30 - September 3



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Jun 12, 2018



No Cover, No Smoking

Food served.  Voted BEST BURGERS in HOT SPRINGS!

Thursday, June 21

7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Matt Treadway on guitar

Matt Treadway’s home always had music.  If it wasn’t his dad playing the fiddle, it was his mom with her Bob Seger records on the stereo.  “As far back as I care to look, there have been musicians in my family.  Matt picked up a Telecaster when he was 12.  “It was like my hands had suddenly found what they were meant to do?”  From that day to this, he has never been very far from his guitar.  He tried sax and keyboards in high school, “but the guitar is where my soul lives.”  He studied with some of the best teachers anywhere, and has worked at what they taught him.  Some people say it’s a gift, but he feels like he had to earn it.  Matt tells his student to practice until they can’t stand it – and then go five more minutes.It was Dave Matthews who first opened Matt’s mind to a world of complex and rhythmic playing that went way beyond three chords and a backbeat.  From there, the road led directly to Jazz, a place where he can paint with every color of the rainbow.   He could list all his influences but he doesn’t have that much time… (Grant, Green, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall) …he would rather be playing!

Matt will be joined by



May 17, 2018


Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa

Dance All Your Cares Away !!!

Starts at 3:00pm

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sundy, May 6, 2018

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Arlington Resort Hotel Crystal Ballroom, 239 Central, Hot Springs 

  The Stardust Big Band continues to attract dancers from states that border Arkansas since Stardust provides fantastic live dance music so often missing in area events. 

Though Stardust performs for many weddings and special events their impetus is on providing a live dancing experience each month at the Arlington Hotel and Spa.

Admission is only $10, but is free for students 18 years and younger.

Dancers from Memphis, St. Louis, Texarkana, Austin and Houston continue to frequent this monthly event to enjoy and practice their dance routines. 

The evening’s entertainment promises as much for viewing as dancing since area dance instructors bring their students to practice dancing in a live musical venue.

This powerhouse 17 piece big band, organized in 1982, is the only big band consistently performing in Arkansas.  The popular TV show "Dancing With The Stars" would be hard pressed to compete with some of the professional dancers that attend this event !!!  Come and see for yourself!!!

For information call: 501-767-5482


May 16, 2018

Listen to KUHS-FM 97.9

(and on the web at


 every Saturday morning

10AM to 1PM

for great jazz!!!






A very short bio on the Hot Springs Jazz Society:


January 1992 is the birthday of the Hot Springs Jazz Society, and the date of its first official membership meeting.

This organization was founded to perpetuate, preserve and promote the jazz music, an original American art form.

The mission is partially accomplished through a scholarship program that sends qualified music students to the summer jazz camp at the University of Arkansas -Monticello.

The mission is further accomplished by providing jazz music events in the Hot Springs area, most notably the free outdoor JazzFest concert held every September. 

This year marks the 25th Hot Springs JazzFest and the first time in over twenty years that Jazz and Blues have come together over Labor Day Weekend together.  

The efforts of the Hot Springs Jazz Society have brought national recognition to our jazz events, resulting in increased tourism and nationally known artists requesting performance appearances at JazzFest.



The Hot Springs Jazz Society is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to perpetuating, promoting and preserving Jazz Music, an original American art form. The Jazz Society is funded in part by the Arkansas Arts Council, Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission, Arts on Tour, Weyerhaeuser Foundation and Elisabeth Wagner Foundation along with numerous other corporate and private sponsors.